Screen Time Stories: Parenting Techniques for Raising Tech Natives

Real parents share their honest stories, while licensed therapists and digital wellness experts offer advice on handling our kids’ latest tech challenges. You’re not alone in this domain. Together, we’ll understand what our kids experience, how to guide them through it, and ultimately build stronger bonds with our families.

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Former Cop Talks Kids and Tech

Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

Wednesday Oct 05, 2022

Clayton Cranford, the owner of Cyber Safety Cop and a 20-year law enforcement veteran, gives us insight on kids and tech from his professional perspective 
Clay is one of the nation’s leading law enforcement educators on social media, child safety, and behavioral threat assessments and the author of “Parenting in the Digital World.” 
Cyber Safety Cop Screen Time Worksheet

Screens and Suicide in Youth

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Wednesday Sep 28, 2022

Today, with Dr. Bradley Zicherman of Stanford Medicine Children’s Health, we’re going to go over the impact that screens have on our kids’ mental health, and the rise of suicides in youth.
The goal is to bring awareness to a subject that’s hard to talk about and to help spot patterns in our own kids.
In 2020, the CDC named suicide as the second leading cause of death in 15- to 19-year-olds. A 2018 study on teenagers found links between depression, suicidal thoughts, and the increase in screen time, which all started to rise around 2010—making the researchers believe that smartphones create a negative impact.
If you ever feel that your child needs immediate help, dial 988 to call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. 
Let's make sure we’re setting a good example to our kids by letting them know that you see a therapist. Put down devices and look for activities to do as a family. Create a space that makes you and your family feel safe. Be empathetic. And the easiest one, that’s often hardest to put into action? Let's have fun together. 

Teaching Body Safety to Our Kids

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

Wednesday Sep 21, 2022

Today we're chatting with Sarah McDugal of Wilderness to WILD, getting advice on how to talk to our kids about body safety—online and in real life.
Sarah is a mama, and also an author, coach, and survivor. As a neurodivergent woman on the autism spectrum, and a survivor of domestic violence and child sexual assault, her hyper focus is developing evidence-based, gospel-aligned resources for women after abuse. 
"Trauma Mama" Mobile App 
YouTube Channel

Let’s Talk (More) About Porn

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

Wednesday Sep 14, 2022

How many of our teens are actually watching porn? Well, that’s tough to estimate since we’re relying on self-reporting.  
A longitudinal study published in 2022 found that 63 to 68 percent of teens have watched porn in their lifetime, and 23 to 42 percent have watched in the last year. 
And the main source is smartphones, with that initial foray being unexpected about half the time.
To help us understand this topic better, we’re talking to Garett Jonsson of Fight the New Drug, an anti-pornography organization. 

Porn-Proofing Our Young Kids

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

Wednesday Sep 07, 2022

Today we’re starting a two part series on pornography, breaking it into two parts so that we can focus on younger kids and the introductory phase today. We’ll gear next week’s episode toward older kids. 
To help us get a better understanding of this, we're talking to Kristen Jenson. Kristen A. Jenson is the founder of Defend Young Minds (formerly Protect Young Minds®) and #1 best-selling author of the Good Pictures Bad Pictures series of read-aloud books, which have translations in 10 languages and are now augmented by a guidebook for professionals which supports child therapists and educators. She is also the executive producer of the Brain DefenseTM: Digital Safety curriculum—a powerful and engaging video-based course for families and educators.
Kristen is a positive voice for raising empowered, resilient, screen-smart kids who know how and why to reject pornography. She instills hope and confidence and leaves her audiences with pragmatic advice they can act on immediately to defend young minds.
Kristen has raised her strong voice at international conferences and symposiums such as the United Nations Civil Societies Conference and the National Coalition to End Sexual Exploitation Global Summit. She has testified before the Washington State Senate Law and Justice Committee on the public health crisis of pornography, and she is a trusted guest on a variety of media platforms as she speaks up for defending children from pornography and all forms of sexual exploitation.
Kristen received her bachelor’s degree in English Literature and her master’s degree in Organizational Communication. She is a mother of three and grandmother of two, and currently lives with her husband and awfully cute dog in Washington State.
Facebook: DefendYM
Instagram: @DefendYoungMinds
Twitter: @DefendYM
Mom Guilt? 8 Tips to Overcome Shame When Your Child Sees Porn
Smart Plan for Parents Guide

Wednesday Aug 31, 2022

Hillary, a parenting educator and coach from Word from the Bird joins us today to share her experience with homeschooling. 
Get some tips on creative ways to incorporate tech in your homeschooling school day, and start thinking outside the box on how your children learn best! 

How to Hack an iPhone

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Wednesday Aug 24, 2022

Today we’re talking about the pinnacle of innovation, creativity, and wealth. Well, at least in our kids’ eyes. We’re talking about iPhones.  Why? Because our kids ask for them by name, and we could very easily dust off an old model as a hand-me-down.
But what challenges will we face if we go this route? Well, for starters, the workarounds and loopholes are endless. Here are just a few: 
After kids reach the max­i­mum screen time limit, they can use Siri to dic­tate and send mes­sages to their friends. 
Want to block YouTube through the parental controls? Too bad, cause they’ll just open an embedded link to YouTube through iMessage.
When their time limit is up, they can delete and reinstall apps to restart the clock.
Kids can pull pass­codes that let them bypass, dis­able or change limits by screen record­ing after hand­ing their device to you.
And kids can simply change their time zone to increase their screen time.
If the hand-me-down iPhone (or new one!) is the path you’re planning to take, try to stay ahead of your kid by reviewing the possible loopholes and dangers they'll encounter.
Just remember, we can’t control our kids, but we can strengthen our relationships—and that is the most powerful tool we have in keeping our kids and teens on the right track. 
Interested in a youth-friendly alternative? Use the code PODCAST10 to save 10% on a Pinwheel phone for kids and teens. 

Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Nudes sent en masse. Vaping in the school bathroom. Phones in every clammy palm. 
A middle school teacher in northern Virginia shares how tech supports---and hurts---her classroom. In this episode, learn about the changes felt by elementary kids entering middle school, and how we can support our kids' healthy middle school journeys.

Thursday Jun 16, 2022

It's common to hear about gambling addictions taking hold of great people. Why? What makes you and I any different? And how different is that favorite app compared to a casino? 
Dr. Anna Lembke, author of Dopamine Nation, provides us with insight on the chemical that makes us want more, more, more. This episode explains the science in real-world examples while giving tips to help us and our kids deal with the dopamine challenges that tech brings.  

Thursday Jun 09, 2022

Social media addiction, staying up all night playing video games, cyberbullying... as parents, we can't help our kids navigate the digital age if we don't have a solid relationship first. In today's episode, Dr. Michael Rich, founder of the Digital Wellness Lab, talks us through creating and keeping a quality connection with our kids and teens. 
Learn more about DWL here:


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